Paying with Direct Debit

Customers that have Red, Blue or Green membership paid for via Direct Debit can book classes and have the payment added to their Direct Debit account to be charged later.

When viewing classes that are bookable by Direct Debit you will see a notification on the class description page showing which memberships can use Direct Debit to pay.

  • Red members can book red classes
  • Blue members can book red and blue classes
  • Green members can book red and green classes

When booking classes within your membership the option to pay with Direct Debit will be available at the checkout. If you select this option you will not be asked for payment at the checkout. Instead the order total will be added to your Direct Debit account and you will be charged on the day your Direct Debit is paid.

If you have classes that are outside your membership in your order, the Direct Debit option will not be available at the checkout.

If you wish to cancel a booking placed via Direct Debit, please contact us at least 24 hours before the start of the class and we can cancel your order.