Gong Bath (mat space) Saturday

A very special Saturday night (90 minutes)

Experience the deeply relaxing and rejuvenating effects of the gongs and a range of sound healing instruments
The sound of the gong is able to lower brainwaves, inducing a profound sense of relaxation, putting you almost into a meditative state. The gong is said to be the most effective and transformative sound healing tool we have
Everything around us is made up of vibration, including every cell and organ within you. This is why the frequencies from the gong are able to re-tune you, bringing you back to the optimum state of well being

Not suitable for the first 3 months of pregnancy
Please bring blankets and pillows to keep you cosy and comfortable

This is a space on the floor (yoga mat provided) - there are spaces in hammocks available but must be booked

Please select the dates you wish to book.