Gentle Hatha Yoga - Scaravelli inspired

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Suitable for all levels
Scaravelli inspired yoga is a gentle, yet demanding form of Hatha Yoga, that benefits everyone. Classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience.
The three main principles in that approach are ground, breath and spine, which we will playfully explore.
We will be working on creating body awareness and constantly releasing hidden tension.

In her classes Flurina puts the weight on the experience of each individual student; gravity is a keyword which helps us to work with our body, follow its own intelligence, listen to the body s natural responses and let movement unfold rather than do it.

All you have to bring is joy to move and curiosity ☺

short bio

Flurina Dominique Thali (1993) was born and grew up in Hochdorf, Switzerland. She studied contemporary dance in Denmark at the «Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School», in Arnhem NL at «ArtEZ Institute of the Arts», as well as in Bern, Switzerland, at «akardance».

Further study stays followed in Berlin with «smash» (experimental and physical performance training), as well as in Stolzenhagen, Germany, with «P.O.R.C.H.» (Ponderosa ongoing research collaboration happening).

Her thinking and relation towards movement and dance was influenced and inspired by an intense study time and continuous work with Eva Karczag, NL / USA, former dancer of the Trisha-Brown-Company and dedicated teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique and Ideokinesis.

The fascination for movement research, bodywork and improvisation led Flurina to a lot of somatic practices. Amongst others she completed the 200h YTT «Scaravelli inspired Hatha Yoga» with Helen Noakes in India.

Flurina is a student of the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, UK.

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