Easy Aero Tone (50+ but all welcome )

This is an easy to follow low impact fun aerobic class

With the 50+ in mind but very suitable for beginners to exercise or lower fitness levels - if you find you need more of a challenge in the class, Becky can give you alternatives to push you a little more

Aerobics, toning and fun

We hope this stays on the timetable, if numbers are low this will come off at the end of September so please try the class soon

Please note this class costs £6.50 pre booked more than 2 hours before the start time or £7.50 drop in or booked less than 2 hours before the class starts

Customers with red, blue or green membership can book this class with Direct Debit. Direct Debit members can only book classes for themselves and not for other people. Direct Debit members should also only book a maximum of 2 weeks ahead. Learn more

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