Ashtanga and Yin Combo

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Do Both
Ashtanga 7-8.25pm and Yin 8.30-9.30pm for one price

usual prices £8.50 and £7.50, or £9.50 and £8.50 if booking less than 24 hours in advance or dropping in

Mats / blocks / bolsters etc provided

Customers with blue membership can book this class with Direct Debit. Direct Debit members can only book classes for themselves and not for other people. Direct Debit members should also only book a maximum of 2 weeks ahead. Learn more

Special Offer

Book 7 classes for the price of 6.
Just select the 7 dates you would like, and get an automatic discount.
Please note: You must book 7 dates from the same class to qualify for the discount.