Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga using the hammocks
Stretch, tone, strengthen your entire body, decompress your spine with lovely inversions, learn fun flips and laugh a lot!
Get fit while having fun - what could be better?

Book single classes or a course of consecutive classes and get a special price or pick your dates and get 7 for the price of 6

To protect the hammocks from damage and also for hygiene reasons Please note the what to wear - you must have a top that covers the tops of your arms to keep armpits off the hammocks and also wear socks
also NO ZIPS on any clothing - please check the back of leggings and the bottoms of the legs
You will have to take off Fit Bits etc (or cover with a sweat band) watches and all bracelets and rings - please do this before the class to save time

If you do not have the correct attire you will not be able to take part in the class and will forfeit payment

Customers with green membership can book this class with Direct Debit. Direct Debit members can only book classes for themselves and not for other people. Direct Debit members should also only book a maximum of 2 weeks ahead. Learn more

Available as a course

This class is also available to book as a course.
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Special Offer

Book 7 classes for the price of 6.
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Please note: You must book 7 dates from the same class to qualify for the discount.

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