2 week Pole Beginners course

2 consecutive weeks of Pole Beginners
Same day and time every week - no transfer or refunds of you miss a class
This is for complete beginners or those returning after a break
We will be learning spins and how to sit on the pole as well as some other fun things

Wear normal fitness clothes and bring shorts
No hand or body lotions on the day of the class as they make the poles slippery and no jewellery

Customers with green membership can book this class with Direct Debit. Direct Debit members can only book classes for themselves and not for other people. Direct Debit members should also only book a maximum of 2 weeks ahead. Learn more

Available as a course

This class is also available to book as a course.
Just select consecutive weeks to book as a course and get a discount.

Book 3 weeks for £28
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